Consistent use of a specific typeface can have a strong unifying effect on visual communications. The Futura font family is used exclusively for the PURELL branding system. Copy on packaging, point of purchase displays and advertising is set in various weights of the Futura font. The Futura font family provides great versatility, as both roman and oblique versions of the font are available in a broad range of weights. Condensed and non-condensed versions are also available. 

Licence Agreements for the Futura Font Library can be purchased on-line from Adobe Systems Incorporated

Other typefaces may be used for body copy in instances where PURELL products are marketed with other products. For example, a GOJO brochure that includes PURELL would use the GOJO corporate font family of Frutiger and Jamille, not Futura.

Other fonts may be used if they complement the marketing communications objectives in certain electronic or digital media where the PURELL preferred font is unavailable. DO NOT use typefaces that dilute readability and understanding of the PURELL name.