Oral and Written Communication

The PURELL trademark stands for the goodwill and reputation our PURELL products enjoy. So, please follow these rules when using the PURELL® brand name in print, on-line, advertising or correspondence to help protect our proprietary rights:


Always use the PURELL trademark in all capital letters to set the PURELL trademark apart from the surrounding text.

  • Correct use: PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer kills germs on hands. (PURELL in all capital letters)
  • Incorrect use: Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer kills germs on hands (PURELL in upper/lower case)
  • Incorrect use: PURELL PEACE OF MIND (avoid using capital letters in text surrounding PURELL)

Registered trademark symbol

The ® signifies that PURELL is a registered trademark. Use the symbol as follows: either (i) the first time the trademark appears on a page or screen - you do not have to repeat the ® when you repeat PURELL mark on the page or screen, but always capitalize all letters of the PURELL trademark; or (ii) every time PURELL is used on the page or screen, but it must consistently be used throughout the page or screen - you always capitalize all letters of the PURELL trademark.  

Please note that we may not use the '®' symbol in connection with trademarks not yet registered, i.e., for which we have not yet received a certificate of registration. And we may use the '®' symbol next to a given trademark only if the registration covers the exact goods in question. For example, GOJO has not yet received a registration from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for PURELL use on surfaces cleaners. In the case of surface cleaners and until further notice please use the "TM" symbol instead next to PURELL in connection with such cleaners. The registration of PURELL for use in connection with such cleaners is pending. 

Brand names as adjectives

Always use the PURELL trademark as an adjective associated with a good or service, for example:

  • Correct use: PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer kills germs on hands. (PURELL as an adjective)
  • Correct use: PURELL® sanitizing wipes are tough on messes and gentle on hands. (PURELL as an adjective) 
  • Correct use: The PURELL® brand combines scientific expertise with real world application. (PURELL as an adjective) 
  • Incorrect use: PURELL kills germs on hands. (PURELL used as a noun)
  • Incorrect use: I PURELL my hands because it kills the germs. (PURELL used as a verb)

Because PURELL is an adjective, when writing or speaking about the PURELL brand, do not use the name as a possessive noun. Say "the PURELL formulation" never "PURELL's formulation". Also never use the PURELL trademark as a plural noun, as in "keep several PURELL's handy throughout your workplace."

Do not use the logo in body copy

Never use the PURELL logo or stylized lettering as part of body copy. Always present the PURELL name and the statement of identity in the same type style that is used for the rest of the body copy.

Adding our copyright line

The PURELL trademark belongs to GOJO Industries, Inc. All print or electronic communications must include the GOJO copyright line in order to state ownership of the information. Use the following language exactly as shown here (use non-bold text with inconspicuous placement, with no space between the © symbol and the year):

©2015. GOJO Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.