Oral and Written Communication

Follow these rules when using the GOJO brand name in text for body copy or correspondence in order to protect our legal ownership rights:


The word GOJO serves both as the name of our corporation and also the trademark to brand products and programs. Our name, GOJO, always appears in uppercase letters. No exceptions.

The GOJO name as text in body copy or correspondence:

  • When using the GOJO name to reference our company or a company program, the name GOJO does not have to be followed by the registered trademark symbol "®" because it does not refer to goods in the stream of commerce but rather to the corporation.

        Ex: GOJO is a global sustainability leader.

        Ex: GOJO GREEN HYGIENE™ Solutions 

  • If the GOJO name is used as a trademark for a branded product in the stream of commerce, or in reference to a branded product in written communications, trademark rules apply. Use the appropriate symbol the first time the trademarked name appears on the page in body copy. The symbol need not be repeated if the name is repeated on the page, but capitalization of the trademark is still required.

        Ex: The GOJO® LTX™ System

  • In the body of copy, correspondence or news release, refer to our company as GOJO. Do not include "Industries" or "Industries, Inc."
  • In news releases, provide direction about how to spell our name. After the first reference to our company name, insert this exact copy in parentheses and italics as shown: GOJO (correct spelling is: GOJO all caps, one word, no hyphen).
  • When writing or speaking of GOJO, do not use our name as a possessive noun. Say "the GOJO culture", never "GOJO's culture". Or "GOJO® LTX™ System" -never, "GOJO's LTX™ System".

Adding our copyright line

All print or electronic communications must include the GOJO copyright line in order to state ownership of the information. Use the following language exactly as shown here (use non-bold text with inconspicuous placement, with no space between the © symbol and the year):

©2015. GOJO Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.