Oral and Written Communication

Follow these rules when using the GOJO brand name in text for body copy or correspondence in order to protect our legal ownership rights:


The GOJO name always appears in all capital letters when used in body copy. If other trademarks are used, they also appear in all caps. (e.g., GOJO® POWER GOLD® and GOJO® SUPRO MAX™).

Registered trademark symbol

Use appropriate trademark symbols, (® or ™), to protect our trademarked names. Use ® for registered trademarks and ™ for pending trademarks. Use the appropriate symbol the first time the trademarked name appears on the page in body copy. The symbol need not be repeated if the name is repeated on the page, but capitalization of the trademark is still required.  


  • GOJO® HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner
  • Improves the look and feel of hardworking hands in as little as 14 days when used in combination with the appropriate GOJO hand cleaner. GOJO HAND MEDIC contains no fragrance. Quick 20-second rub-in. 

Internal GOJO employees may access a list of the most frequently used GOJO Trademarks on myGOJO.com.

GOJO product brand as text in body copy or correspondence:

Never use the GOJO logo or the stylized lettering as part of body copy. Always present the product name and description in the same font, size, weight and style that is used for the rest of the body copy.

When using the GOJO brand name as text in body copy, make sure that the font style chosen does not cause the “J” in GOJO to drop below the text baseline

Adding our copyright line

The GOJO logo is owned by GOJO Industries, Inc. All print or electronic communications must include the GOJO copyright line in order to state ownership of the information. Use the following language exactly as shown here (use non-bold text with inconspicuous placement, with no space between the © symbol and the year):

©2015. GOJO Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.