Logo Colors and Downloads

Only the logos shown here are acceptable versions of the GOJO logo. Always select the preferred two-color GOJO logo when print capabilities allow.

Which format do you need? 

Relatively small in size and not intended for high-resolution print production. 
Commonly used in Microsoft Office® applications, digital presentations and websites. 
Available in full-color and one-color. Does not support transparency.

High-resolution vector files intended for print production. To open an EPS file, you need to have illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator.  
Available in full-color and one-color.

Low resolution file.
Supports transparency, which allows you to place the reversed logo over an acceptable color background. 

Contact GOJO Marketing Services with questions about using the GOJO logo.

Two-Color Logo

Reproduce the company name, GOJO, and the registration symbol in PMS Black.
Reproduce the star and the orbit in PMS 3015 (GOJO blue).
This primary color use reproduces against a white or light background.

Download jpg (214 KB)            Download eps (349 KB)

One-Color Logo

Reproduce the corporate mark as a one-color mark when the primary use is not practical
Reproduce the entire logo in PMS Black or PMS 3015 (GOJO blue) against a light background
Download jpg (185 KB)         Download eps (350 KB)
Download jpg (259 KB)        Download eps (352 KB)

Reversed-Out Logo

The logo reverses white when reproduced against a black or dark-colored background
Clearly isolate and define the logo from the background
If you place our logo over an area of imagery, make sure the area is free of clutter when reproducing it over photos or halftone images
Only use the approved gif or eps files available here which include a transparent background

Download gif (4 KB)            Download eps (337 KB)