Only use authentic GOJO brand logos

Always use the two-color version of the GOJO logo, shown here, when possible. Only use the logos provided from this site. Never create an alternate version of the GOJO logo. If production requirements are not covered here, contact GOJO Marketing Services.

Allow appropriate clear space around the logo

To present the GOJO logo effectively, it is necessary to surround it with clear space. Clear space enhances impact because it prevents the GOJO logo from being crowded and obscured by typography and other graphic elements.

The minimum distance around the logo where you may place type or graphics is equal to one-half of the height of the logo. No other graphic elements or typography should intrude within the designated clear space.

Assure adequate contrast

When placing the logo on top of a background image, be sure the area behind the logo provides adequate contrast. Overly busy, non-contrasting or dark color backgrounds reduce the visual presence of the logo. Use the reversed out version of the GOJO logo in instances where there isn't adequate contrast.

Never alter the typeface in any way

Always use the logo exactly as it is provided. Never try to recreate the GOJO logo using a matched typeface.

Never distort or angle the logo at rest

Never distort the logo at rest in any way. If using the GOJO logo in animated graphics, always make sure the logo at rest is in its correct form.

Never delete logo elements or use as standalone graphics

Never delete elements or use any of the elements of the GOJO logo as a standalone or accent graphic. They are only allowed to be used as part of the complete GOJO logo.

Never change the size or proportion of logo elements

Always use the logo exactly as it is provided. Never change the proportion of any of the elements. 

Never reproduce in unapproved colors

Always produce the GOJO logo in approved colors, per the brand standards. 

Never omit the ®

In order to protect our logo, we are legally required to always include the ® with the GOJO corporate logo. The logo works as a unit. All elements must be in place at all times.

Never enclose the logo in a shape

Enclosing the logo in a shape diminishes equity and creates confusion as to whether the shape is part of our equity.

Never use the logo as part of another logo

Brand equity is diminished when the GOJO corporate logo is incorporated into other logos or logo-like graphics.

Never add a drop shadow or other graphic element

Always use the logo exactly as it is provided. Never add a drop shadow, outline or any other graphic element to the GOJO logo.

Never place over a cluttered or high contrast background

Never place the GOJO logo over a cluttered or high contrast background. If placing the logo within a photo, choose an area with even tone. If placing the logo on a dark colored background, use the reversed out version of the logo.

Never use the logo as wallpaper

Repeated use of the logo in a pattern diminishes its impact. Never create a pattern with the GOJO logo.

Never use the logo in a sentence

The logo must never be used in a sentence. Always use the word "GOJO" in text. Always use all capital letters for the word "GOJO" when it appears in text. Always use the same font as corresponding text if using the word "GOJO" in a headline or sentence.